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10 Point Health Check

Keep your satellite handset up-to-date and ready for use with the latest firmware and user functionality.  Network Innovation’s 10 Point Health Check includes: 

  1. Battery test and recharge
  2. SIM Card inspect and Clean
  3. Firmware check and update to latest version
  4. USB connector inspect, clean and test
  5. Keypad test and clean 
  6. LCD inspect and clean
  7. Antenna mechanism inspect and clean
  8. Handset housing inspect and clean
  9. GPS functional test
  10. Phone functional test

(Note: Iridium PTT Handsets are excluded from some points noted above but can be updated to latest firmware)

Your time is valuable and we understand.  Get peace of mind knowing that your satellite handset has been inspected, cleaned, and tested by certified technicians and our team will advise of any repairs or updates needed.  Make sure your communications are ready when you need them!

NOTE: Customers must send unit back with battery removed (included in shipment) along with SIM Card (SIM card should stay in unit)

To schedule a service, send a request to: please include your Account Name, SIM or Satellite Phone number.  If you have any special requests for the 10-Point Health Check, please let our team know.  A representative will get back to between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. 

You can also call 1300 140 150, ask for the service department.

Network Innovations, Unit 8, 5 Joule Place, Tuggerah, NSW 2259

Terms and Conditions:

Phones with preexisting damage such as damaged housing, cracked screens, and broken antennas will be inspected but the preexisting damage may limit the tasks undertaken in the 10 point check-up. No repairs on handsets will be performed beyond ten-point check noted above without express permission from owner.